Computer Network Support



Computer Network Support



No matter the techniques and technology used to run your IT infrastructure, sooner or later computers, networks or servers break down.

With so many industries dependent on the internet and internal networks, you can’t afford to have anything go wrong. Your organization’s computer network is the backbone of your operations and business data.

Engineers at Custom Technologies are certified with all the industry-leading vendors of hardware and software, and are skilled at troubleshooting network issues on these devices.

We offer support, guidance, and maintenance for businesses looking to implement a quality computer network system across all of their IT infrastructures.

We’d be honored to bring our experience and knowledge to your organization.

Our computer network support includes:

Network Analysis

Site survey and technology report reviews to help you determine the best course of action, customized to your business

Server Virtualization

A combination of multiple servers onto one physical server to save hardware and operating costs

File and Resource Sharing

Fully utilize your network by sharing common devices in the office such as printers or scanners, or share data between different users through a local or remote network

Network Security

We can implement security technologies to protect your internal computer network.

Network Health Audits

Get an objective evaluation of the overall health of your network, identify which access point serves most users, or configure a network with more bandwidth power

On-demand Helpdesk

Custom Technologies has a fleet of expert engineers who are resolution-oriented and efficient explaining technical terms.

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Reduce errors and improve productivity by having a computer network support team at your side.

Using a market-leading technology that is secure, up to date and maintained per industry standards, you can be sure your computer network runs as smoothly 24/7/365.

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