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Managed IT


Stop using the fire-fighting approach to your IT problems.


When your business depends on your IT, you cannot afford to wait until a problem appears and then fix it.  You need proactive IT support that identify problems before they disrupt your business.


Custom Technologies Inc. offers managed IT support services in Kennesaw, GA. We will monitor, manage, and assess your IT performance, 24/7. Our service desk is guaranteed to respond within 15 minutes and will quickly resolve your IT concerns without making a disruption in your usual operations. The sooner we get to fix it, the better.


Whether it is preventive IT maintenance or timely backups and updates, we are there. Contact us for a free consultation on how can we do IT for you.

Advantages of a Proactive IT Service

  • Strategic IT Planning – We can help you develop a long term IT strategy that will support your company’s growth goals. Our IT consultants will give you great advice that is tailored just for your business. Our experienced and adept IT experts will help you minimize risk by incorporating security, compliance and cost reduction into your plan. Once you have a solid IT plan we can then help you execute that plan to help your business grow.
  • Outsourced IT – With our solution you no longer have to worry about vacation time, sick time, training or any other overhead when it comes to your IT support. By outsourcing your IT to us, you are also outsourcing all of those management headaches.
  • Reliable IT Support – We are professionals and will handle your issues accordingly. Don’t put your network in the hands of an inexperienced technician. Our team works together to ensure that we prevent network issues from happening.


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