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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is basically, delivering computing services over the internet without requiring advanced software or hardware on-site. Its most defining feature is that it enables you to meet your business objectives at any place, any time, all on a single device. That’s right, that means – analytics,  databases, networking, servers, storage, and software are handled in one place, called the cloud.


So if you are new to cloud technology, worry no more, because we are here to help you get started. We offer complete cloud computing support and consulting services in Cobb County, GA. Our expert cloud computing consultants can help you evaluate and choose the best cloud solutions for your company and then start reaping the benefits that cloud computing provides.

Cloud solutions from Custom Technologies Inc.

Our expertise in managing and deploying cloud-based solutions allows you to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls in setting up your organization to use cloud services. Let us guide you through the process so you get all the advantages and none of the pain.


With our cloud computing services, our clients enjoy these benefits:


Efficient, Flexible Cost – Our cloud services allow you to scale up on-demand and keep your business agile. Cloud computing allows cost-cutting based on the demand for resources needed for your business operations. Cloud servers usually charge for how much resources you consumed during the week, or by month. With our Managed Cloud solution, we can further reduce costs by simplifying processes and optimizing cloud settings for it to run more efficiently.


Reduced Capital Costs – Deploying a cloud solution requires little to no upfront cost for additional infrastructure. Application upgrades are taken care of automatically and ensure updates are scheduled to run regularly. Our Cloud solution ensures access 24/7.


Backup and Recovery – Cloud Computing has advanced data protection in mind. It enables an environment for sharing data and information, as well as easily backing up and protecting this data anywhere, anytime.

Custom Technologies can provide you with a full array of cloud computing services including disaster recovery, cloud storage, and cloud monitoring. Here are other cloud services we can help you with.

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