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Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are often used for business tasks, particularly organizations that employ the BYOD policy. These devices enable employees to work extensively across devices- anytime, anywhere. However, there are several drawbacks if these devices go unmonitored.

Opening your network for the daily influx of devices sets up your network for potential problems. Mobile devices are potential carriers of hidden malware or viruses. These mobile devices can access your network – company data, files, and reports. If malware contains a script that could steal or destroy data, you’re in for a security issue that is incredibly difficult to resolve.

Most companies that have a BYOD policy in place implement a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to protect and control mobile devices. This device management solution includes the administration of mobile applications, data, and networks.

With MDM, you can control which devices are allowed to connect to the network. Either use a passphrase or a 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) enabled to validate these devices. Additionally, a mobile device management solution can set policies, update and patch applications, and much more!

Handling these devices across different operating systems and configurations needs the help of a seasoned expert to ensure your company network remains secure.

Custom Technologies can help you.


Let Custom Technologies handle your
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Custom Technologies will help you install a complete mobile device management solution. 

Our project management team is composed of professional consultants and technicians across varying specialties. Our IT engineers are certified with the necessary credentials and have a minimum of 5 years experience in installing and handling different types of mobile device solutions.

Call our mobile device management consultants and we will quickly assist your business plan and execute solutions. If needed, we’ll conduct an on-site visit to help you.

Whatever your query or requirement, we’d love to hear from you.

We offer mobile device management (MDM) services and solutions for companies in the Smyrna, GA area. Our mobile device management services can help your business gain insight into your BYOD program and the potential risks associated with it. Contact us to learn more about our mobile device management solutions!

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