Cryptolocker Removal & Prevention | Sandy Springs, GA

Cryptolocker Removal & Prevention | Sandy Springs, GA

What is Cryptolocker?

Under the malware family, Crytolocker is one of the destructive and lucrative ransomware viruses to date. Since its inception in the early 2000s, hackers have transitioned from individual attacks to business attacks, and the number of businesses that fall victim to Cryptolocker cybercrimes continues to grow.


A hacker will typically send an email containing either a link or an attachment that, once executed, the Cryptolocker discreetly scans all your files and encrypts them with a high-level encryption combination. To regain access to the files, a ransom must be paid within a given timeframe. When ignored and/or the time lapses, the ransom is often doubled.


Custom Technologies is the company to trust for Cryptolocker removal services and Cryptolocker prevention in Sandy Springs, GA. Our team of engineers will help you regain access to your files, WITHOUT having to pay the ransom.

Reports estimate that Cryptolocker has made almost half a billion dollars ($500 million) of combined cash and digital assets in 2018 alone.


Reports also claims that 60% of the victims are small- to medium-sized businesses. They’re the low-hanging fruit for cybercriminals, simply because these businesses tend to be less secure, more vulnerable and have an easily-exploitable IT infrastructure, along with low awareness of malware threats amongst the employees.


On top of the hassle, and potential expense paid to the cybercriminal, victims may also have to pay a hefty penalty in accordance with data security protection laws. Many of these victims are unable to get back on their feet and unfortunately end up going out of business.


If you think your business is too small to be of interest, think again.

Got a Cryptolocker infection? Call us.

Let Custom Technologies help you regain access to your files without paying a ransom.

We’ve been fighting malware and ransomware, including Cryptolocker, since day one for companies of all sizes. Our anti-cybercriminal team has the knowledge, experience and tools to decrypt your files after a ransomware attack, and ensure that your IT infrastructure is protected from future attacks.

Don’t let Cryptolocker ruin your business. Custom Technologies can help.

The best way to fight a hacker is to think like a hacker. The threat and network engineering team at Custom Technologies are highly experienced in IT security and protection. We have certified engineers from industry-leading companies like Cisco, HIPAA, ITAR, Microsoft and more. Our methodology of helping businesses secure their IT infrastructure has been tested-effective and not a single client endured a cyberattack.


We deploy scripts to identify the loopholes in your network. These scripts also allow us to see vulnerabilities in your IT systems such as computers, routers and access points, databases and data centers, email servers, terminal servers and more. Once all the vulnerabilities are identified, our engineers will design a concrete barrier from malware using software and VPN technology to make sure hackers think twice before they attempt to penetrate your network.


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