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Managed Firewalls

Custom Technologies Managed Firewall services are your first line of defense.

The Internet is now the core of daily operations for most modern businesses. There are trillions of bytes of data that are being transmitted back and forth every second, and this enables businesses to be more connected and productive than ever before. On the other hand, all this information on the Internet makes businesses vulnerable to cybercriminals who want to steal it for nefarious purposes.

Cyberattackers are great at keeping pace with the rate of advancement in technology. Every day, there are thousands of new vulnerabilities that hackers are looking to exploit. No matter the size of your business, cybercriminals are making their best efforts to penetrate your network, steal your data and potentially destroy your business reputation.

Custom Technologies is a preferred Managed Firewall company in Roswell, GA. Our managed firewall monitoring services will help keep your business safe and secure from cyberattacks.

As there are many managed firewall service providers, it can be difficult to know which service is best for your business, especially if you are not familiar with the security product landscape.

This is where Custom Technologies can help you. Our managed firewall services take care of the day-to-day management of your firewall operations, providing improved availability and guaranteeing continuity.

Custom Technologies managed firewall services ease technology adoption by extending your IT staff with certified and accredited firewall specialists. Our experts will ensure optimal configuration, tuning, and provide 24×7 management and monitoring services.

Our Managed Firewall services include:

  • Automated network mapping & hybrid-cloud support
  • Connectivity discovery & device detection
  • Automated firewall policy change management
  • Coordinated policy across firewalls & cloud security infrastructure
  • Continuous real-time event monitoring
  • Firewall rule cleanup & misconfiguration detection
  • Best practices firewall implementation & analysis
  • Automated policy optimization, workflow
  • Vulnerability detection & fix recommendation
  • Daily, weekly or monthly comprehensive reports
  • On-site assessment when needed

Advantages of having Managed Firewall solutions:

Reduced costs

A managed firewall service will simplify security for your business. You don’t need to hire an expensive IT expert or purchase and maintain the hardware.


Our experience and knowledge are extended to your business network. You get access to our engineers for expert assessment, solutions, and monitoring.


Network reports can help you analyze your defenses and identify potential weaknesses. Our team can give you a better idea of the behaviors of your employees that may be detracting from your security efforts.

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