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Ekahau Partner
Rome, GA

Proudly serving Rome for over 25 years.

Custom Technologies is your trusted local Ekahau Partner and Ekahau specialist in the Rome, GA area. Our professional Ekahau consultants will perform a comprehensive site survey that will enable the design of a robust, fully optimized WI-FI network.  Contact us today to speak to an Ekahau consultant.

World Class Wi-Fi for Business

These days, when your Wi-Fi is down, productivity is all but stopped.  Having an optimized wireless network is absolutely essential.  A robust network is needed for fast and reliable internet speeds, to prevent dead spots and maintain full functionality.  This is why the world’s biggest brands trust Ekahau specialists for their mission-critical wireless networks.  Ekahau site surveys are the gold standard for providing a precise map of Wi-Fi performance and optimal access point locations. 

Custom Techonologies relies on Ekahau site surveys to provide our clients with a comprehensive review of their worksite, including conducting a full onsite survey by our engineers. We’ll give you a clear analysis of your situation along with recommendations for what you need for a robust and optimized network with maximum coverage and efficiency.

About Ekahau – the solution for high performance Wi-Fi

Fast & Accurate 

Precise Wi-Fi diagnostics paired with mobile-optimized apps deliver significantly faster site surveys, faster spectrum analysis, and more accurate and reliable data.

Peace of Mind 

Well-designed and optimized networks reduce business-stopping downtime, giving you assurance that your Wi-Fi is always high-performing. 

Design It Right the First Time 

Ekahau helps ensure that the right number of access points (APs) are in the right locations. It facilitates an accurate design of a high-capacity Wi-Fi network based on your requirements and floor plans.

Optimize for Wi-Fi at its Best 

Perform ongoing network optimizations to minimize coverage gaps and account for changes in RF introduced over time. The best performing wireless networks are never set it and forget it, and Ekahau tools ensure your Wi-Fi is always at its best.

Troubleshoot Faster, Easier and Smarter 

Ekahau helps diagnose and fix interference issues fast and avoid costly downtime for your business-critical wireless network. It enables autotesting and troubleshooting the most common Wi-Fi problems in seconds.

 When you entrust your wireless network to Custom Technologies and our Ekahau specialists, you’ll be assured that your productivity will not be compromised by faulty, slow or unreliable network.

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