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Dark Web Monitoring

Serving companies in Rome, GA

Custom Technologies is committed to understanding your organization’s unique business and technology needs to create a cybersecurity solution that will protect your data, infrastructure, reputation, and customers against cybercrime.

We provide dark web scans and dark web monitoring services to companies in the Rome, GA. Implementing dark web monitoring for your company is a necessary and pivotal step in protecting your company data and assets.

The importance of dark web monitoring

Dark web monitoring provides up to date information, monitoring, and alerts on you company name, info, and personnel accounts, 24/7/365. If any company assets are identified in the data fields fo the dark web our team will promptly receive alerts to prevent any harm, breach, or data loss from attacking your organization. Both company and client information are posted and sold daily on the dark web, leading to small and large scale data breaches across the globe every day. We can work with your company to prevent financial harm and government fines or penalties from occurring by preemptively identifying potential attacks and cybercrime associated with your company information!

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