Proactive IT Services

Proactive IT Services

Stop using the fire-fighting approach to your IT problems.


When your business depends on your IT, you cannot afford to wait until a problem appears and then fix it.  You need proactive IT services that identify problems before they disrupt your business.


Custom Technologies Inc. will monitor, manage, and assess your IT performance, 24/7. Our service desk is guaranteed to respond within 15 minutes and will quickly resolve your IT concerns without making a disruption in your usual operations. The sooner we get to fix it, the better.


Whether it is preventive IT maintenance or timely backups and updates, we are there. Contact us for a free consultation on how can we do IT for you.

Advantages of a Proactive IT Service

  • Strategic IT Planning – Whether it is a long term plan or for short term, our IT consultants can give you an advice that fits your specifications and is tailored for your business. An advice coming from experienced and adept IT expert minimizes risks when making plans or implementing a new system. This could lead to a proactive IT support that will ensure that your IT system is regularly updated, upgraded and is not overwhelmed with the rapidly changing business demands.
  • Outsourced IT – If an organization have some IT resources but need an assistance, or does not have the time & budget to train one, a managed IT service lets you to have access to a complete IT department without spending on extra infrastructure and other overhead costs.
  • Reliable IT Support – If there are needs for troubleshooting and/or a sudden IT concern, our team of IT experts is just a call away from resolving any IT issues. No need to scramble and rack your brains with technical stuff, just let us do it for you. We are more than happy to help.


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